Q. What are the dates for Lytham Festival 2019?
Q. How do I keep up to date with all the news from Lytham Festival?
Q. Where can I buy tickets?
Q. What type of tickets are there?
Q. Where can I buy VIP tickets?
Q. Where can I buy disabled tickets?
Q. I am a resident. Where can I find information?
Q. When is the Hub open?
Q. When is the box office open?
Q. I am collecting tickets, where do I go?
Q. I have not received my tickets?
Q. Having trouble online?
Q. What time do the gates open?
Q. What time are the acts on stage?
Q. Is the event outdoors?
Q. If it rains will the concert still go ahead?
Q. Can I bring a chair?
Q. Are there cash machines at the festival?
Q. What is your policy for children?
Q. Is car parking available?
Q. Is there a dedicated wheelchair platform?
Q. How do I purchase a wheelchair platform ticket?
Q. How do I purchase an ambulant ticket?
Q. I require a disabled parking. What do I need to do?
Q. What can I not bring?
Q. Can I bring a bag?
Q. If you lose something?
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