Let’s make sure there’s smiles all round at Lytham Festival 2022 by purchasing your tickets from one of our official ticketing partners.



Anti-tout information: 

Beware of unauthorised ticket agents and please note we are NOT running the ambassador scheme for Lytham Festival 2022. 

When purchasing from secondary ticketing sites you are likely to pay over the odds for a ticket that will have never existed or might never materialise. We the promoter have not supplied any of these sites with any festival tickets and cannot guarantee the authenticity of any tickets they may be offering for sale.

Tickets purchased from Facebook groups, from people you don’t know and from other online re-sellers may look genuine and valid, however when you get to the gate they may not be genuine or valid tickets at the scanners. They could be tickets that have been cancelled by the original buyer and therefore won’t allow entry to the event.

If you would like confirmation that a website is authorised or not, please email: 

We monitor the internet and do what we can to prevent fraudulent activity but the best way to prevent fraud is to not risk buying from unauthorised sources.

If you have been the victim of a ticket scam please report the website to Action Fraud.

 Limited tickets are available each night, don’t take the risk having your festival plans ruined and your money lost!

Beat the scammers, book direct: LYTHAMFESTIVAL.COM

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