Posted on 07th August 2016

Bugs, Barrels and Bryan Adams

After having to cancel our Plywood Embroidery Workshop (hope you have a full & speedy recovery Isabel Howe x) we were over-run by wee beasties.

Using white gel pen on black paper; artists quality coloured pencils on white paper or a combination of both, the group captured some of the bugs that had escaped from Richard Dawson's & Jacqui Symons' chair, Instinct. Part way through the morning we visited the Heritage Centre to make sure there were still some little critters there: there were and plenty for visitors to sit on...!

My day continued with meeting our good friends from More Music who had brought East St, Gamelan to Lowther Gardens. Their percussion tower is made from instruments and found objects from which not only do they make music but they entice us to join in too. Although I must say, most didn't need enticing: some folk came running towards it! Saturday's performances led to nearly 300 people joining in and many more watching - a lovely way to spend an afternoon and guess what: I do have a little rhythm in me. More Music are back again today, Sunday 7 August, from 12 - 5 in the same place. Come and have a go - it makes you smile.

My evening turned out pretty well too... Bryan Adams! What more can I say? This superstar - which I don't say lightly - performed for two & a half hours without a break, giving a capacity audience an evening to remember. From old favourites and heart wrenching love songs to his new rockabilly sound, he was fantastic. A truly fabulous way to spend another action packed day at Lytham Festival. Thank you.

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