MOST people look forward to the summer and see it as a chance to take a break. But then Olly Murs isn’t most folk.

As a result, he’s criss-crossing the country to play to tens of thousands of people from Inverness to Jersey and in August he will return as one of the headline artists at this year’s Lytham Festival.

“The reason I’m doing this summer tour is to see the fans and share the new album, 24, with them,” he said “Playing live is, for me, the best thing about this job. I just love it.”

Since then he has had four number one albums - his debut release, Olly Murs, ‘only’ reached number two but still went double platinum - including 24 which went straight to the top of the charts when it was released in November last year.

“Getting to number one isn’t everything,” he said, “and when 24 came out it was around Christmas when there were so many amazing artists with new releases.

“So for me to get my fourth number one album at that time was a real credit to the fans. I’m very lucky and hopefully the next album will go to number one too!”

As well as becoming one of the most successful solo recording artists Olly has also become a successful TV presenter, including a stint on X Factor, the show that launched him to stardom.

“People often ask me about whether I feel I’ve shaken off the X Factor tag,” he said. “To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever bothered about shaking anything off. I’ve always thought ‘it is what it is’.

“I certainly don’t ever regret where I have come from. X Factor was an amazing platform for me and an amazing start to my career - I’ll never forget it.”

Olly even looks back to his early X Factor appearances on the current tour performing Superstition, his audition piece for the TV show.

“I do a reference to Superstition in one of my songs,” said Olly. “It’s a reference to where I came from

“I think that it’s important for everyone not to forget where they came from. It’s what keeps me grounded.

“It gave me such an amazing opportunity. But having said that, it’s nice not to just be the guy off X Factor. It’s nice to be known as Olly Murs as me rather than Olly Murs the guy from Factor.”

Olly’s summer tour followed on almost immediately from a sold-out arena tour and while many artists may have baulked at such a heavy schedule, Olly is relishing it.

“Even with the X Factor when I came on stage I came alive and people can see that,” he said. “It gives me more satisfaction than anything else.

“All the other stuff I get to do sometimes bores me but when I’m on stage, I love performing.